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How To Apply Gold Leaf To A Painting

  • Monday, 12 June 2017
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l not last as long without tarnishing, but it is a good alternative to the expensive genuine gold leaf. In addition to genuine gold and imitation gold, it is now common to find silver and copper leaf as well.


If you are planning to apply gold leaf to your painting, here are simple steps you could follow.

For paper gold leaf, follow these steps:

1.                Clean the surface of the canvass.

2.                Lay the painting on the flat surface.

3.                Apply enough but equal layer of gold leaf adhesive on the surface and wait for the adhesive to become tacky . Do not make the adhesive dry completely as the gold leaf will not stick.

4.                Carefully take the gold leaf sheet. Be very careful in doing this as the gold leaf sheet rips off easily.

5.                Put it on the surface you want to apply gold leaf on.

6.                Continue working for other areas until you finish. As much as possible, do not overlap the sheets when applying it by section. But minor overlapping is tolerable.

7.                After covering the painting with gold leaf sheets, brush off excess gold leafing that has not adhered to the surface. Using natural brush strands, gently brush the surface of the painting.

8.                Finally, dry your work completely and apply glaze to seal and finish your artwork.


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