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How To Distinguish Genuine Gold Leaf

  • Friday, 23 June 2017
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How To Distinguish Genuine Gold Leaf

Edit: Gold-Orient Eastman Industrial Company Limited


How to distinguish the authenticity of real gold leaf:

 1. Electricity conductivity : Geunine gold leaf can conduct electricity, which can be measured by a multimeter. 
 2. Color: Genuine gold leaf is in a noble color of gold, which is  reddish  yellow with high gloss. 

3. Through the observation of light: if the gold leaf is looked at against the light , real gold leaf is really blue and green, but fake gold leaf is grayish white. 

4. UV lamp test: Under UV lamp, if gold leaf shows a color of red purple, it means gold content is very high. If it shows a color of red yellow, the gold content is fairly good. If it is white color, it should be fake gold leaf. 

5. Corrosion resistance : Genuine gold leaf is stable , and strongly resistant against acid and glue. But imitation gold leaf is not the same. 

6. Through the test by a professional lab: This method is the most accurate.

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