genuine gold leaf

   Gold leaf is also called as gold foil, which is made of alloy containing gold, silver and copper (Edible gold does not contain copper). Gold is the major content of the alloy. Gold is completely resistant to corrosion. The addition of silver and copper lowers the resistance of gold leaf to corrosion.  But in general, genuine gold leaf is better than imitation gold leaf in color sustaining.

There are gold leaves in different karats, such as 12k, 18k, 22k,23k,23.5k, 23.75k & 24k. Different karats have different gold composition and have different colour shades.


           Loose gold leaf is in form of sheets but It is different from transfer gold leaf, which is mounted to tissue paper.

Loose gold foil is packed in forms of book. Each book contains 25 leaves and each 500 leaves make a pack.

Loose gold foil in book is usually in size 8x8cms. Other size like 8.5x8.5cms is also available. 


         Transfer gold leaf is also called as Patent gold leaf. Transfer gold leaf is in sheet and meanwhile each sheet is mounted to tissue paper. It is different from loose gold leaf, which is not mounted to tissue paper. Transfer gold leaf will stay on the backing tissue paper until it is pressed onto the prepared surface and the tissue backing is removed.

Transfer gold leaf is suitable for gilding on flat surfaces or gilding outdoor.


Transfer gold foil is available in book (25 leaves/book, 500 leaves/pack)

Transfer gold leaf in book is usually in size 8x8cms.The size 8.5x8.5cms is also available.

          Gold leaf in roll is not in form of sheets. Ribbon gold leaf are manufactured from loose gold leaf in sheets. Sheets of pure gold foil are supported on a continuous length of paper and then make a roll
           Rolls of gold leaf are best utilized on flat surfaces and also good for outdoor work.

The standard size for real gold leaf in roll is width: 7.5 cms and length: 20.5 meters.

We could cut the gold leaf rolls into smaller width as customers request.