pure copper leaf

Copper leaf is also called as copper foil, col.0 imitation gold leafPure copper leaf is composed of 100% Copper and is in colour with red shade .


           Loose copper leaf is in form of sheets but It is different from transfer pure copper leaf, which is mounted to tissue paper.

Loose pure copper foil can be packed in 3 ways: without interpaper, with interpaper and in book.

Loose copper leaf without interpaper is in size 16x16cms.

Loose copper leaf with interpaper is in size 14x14cms , 15x15cms or 16x16cms.

Loose copper leaf in book is usually in size 14x14cms. Other sizes like 15x15cms or 16x16cms also can be done.



Transfer copper leaf is in sheets and meanwhile each sheet is mounted to tissue paper. It is different from loose copper foil, which is not mounted to tissue paper.

Transfer copper foil is available in book (25 leaves/book, 500 leaves/pack)

Transfer copper foil in book is usually in size 14x14cms. Other size like 16x16cms is also available.

copper leaf in roll is not in form of sheets. Ribbon copper leaf are manufactured from loose copper leaf in sheets. Sheets of pure copper foil are supported on a continuous length of paper and then make a roll
       Rolls of copper leaf are best utilized on flat surfaces and also good for outdoor work.

The standard size for pure copper leaf in roll is width: 15cms and length: 50 meters. And the rolls in length 75 meters also can be made according to customers requirement.

We could cut the copper leaf rolls into smaller width as customers request.